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Dr Lydia Tan

Welcome to Davis Chiropractic.

Unlike many inspiring chiropractic stories, my first chiropractic adjustment was in the first month of my 5-year chiropractic degree. No aches, no pains. The only reason I went to a chiropractor was to find out what it was all about. Little did I know that after a few adjustments, I found myself walking better, breathing better and enjoying life more.


My goal is to make sure everyone understands the importance of Chiropractic care, thus bringing out the best in them. I believe that if you maintain your car regularly, you should maintain your spine at least twice as much. I care for patients of all ages, with my specific interest in newborns and children. The intricacies of the paediatric nervous system function has prompted me to venture into paediatric care. I have been consistently attending conferences and completing online courses to be more competent in providing the safest and best care for children in Adelaide that aligns with the existing guidelines.


Coming from a multiracial education background, I am able to communicate fluently in English, Mandarin, Malay, and Hokkien thus exposing more Adelaide residents to Chiropractic. These skills enable me to care for many patients whose first language is not English. So no matter your background or your age, we would love to help you experience a better life!





一般上,脊医会根据个案病例及年龄调整矫正力度和方式,因此男女老少皆宜。若您正经历背痛, 颈部疼痛,手脚酸痛,头痛,关节炎,等不良症状,或者您想为您的健康做出改变,欢迎联络诊所预约。若不方便用英语沟通,欢迎直接联络我 (08) 8294 5962

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