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Dr Kym Davis

Hi,  I’m Kym Davis.

My chiropractic journey began over 30 years ago when I became interested in the growing profession through a sporting injury, but fell in love with it because of the way I felt after an adjustment!

Chiropractic just made sense to me, so my wife Necia and I moved to the United States so that I could study chiropractic at the place where the profession began – Palmer College of Chiropractic.


Since then I have been adjusting people and helping them improve their health so that they can do more of what they love for longer as well as minimising their need for surgery and pharmaceuticals. After all, there is more to life than just not having symptoms!!

At Davis Chiropractic we want to see the people we serve getting the most out of life, staying healthy and active and living independently for as long as they can. We hope to see you soon!

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