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Dr Sean Adam

Hi, I'm Sean Adam.

I've always had a passion for  how the human body works as a whole being. When I discovered chiropractic in my undergrad years I instantly resonated with the message of looking after the body as an interconnected whole and taking ownership of your health. 


I completed my chiropractic studies at The New Zealand College of Chiropractic and then moved to Canada with my wife where we practiced for several years before deciding to return to Australia.   Since returning home to Australia I have had the privelige to provide chiropractic care in various regional locations and see some of this beautiful country.  After a busy 5 years on the road, it's time to settle, create a home for my wife and our young son in Adelaide.  

I'm excited about becoming a part of this community and helping with your chiropractic health care needs along the way.

At Davis Chiropractic we want to see the people we serve getting the most out of life, staying healthy and active and living independently for as long as they can.  We hope to see you soon!

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